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About Us

At ConcepDos, our mission is to help others succeed. 
Oftentimes, our clients need some direction to grow their capacity or kick off a new idea.

Why ConcepDos?

ConcepDos stands for Concepts and the number two in Spanish [Dos]. We understand the value of having more than just one person working through an idea or concept. 

Concepdos began in 2011 by helping a local Florida family create a Not-for-Profit food bank in Longwood, FL. Over the years we have helped establish other Not-for-Profits, design websites, forms, databases, and strategies for small business owners to continue growing. 

Our Values




Continuous Learning



Ahisha Rodriguez

Bachelors of Science

Industrial Psychology

Rollins College

Ahisha specializes in consulting and concept development. She understands 

how to implement change and process improvement. 

She helps identify the the end goal and lay out the steps needed to get there. This process might start with a simple web design but will end in implementing a process that will help the business grow. 

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Francisco Rodriguez

Bachelors of Science

Business Management and Finance

University of Central Florida

Francisco specializes in operations, analytics and reporting for Concepdos. His attention to detail superpower often allows him to catch things the rest of us just don't see. 

He is also the lead over quality assurance for all website design, ensuring the features, pictures, buttons and content is as it should be. 

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Meet Some of Our Clients

Mending the Scarred

Mending the Scarred by PJM Ministries Not-for-Profit Strategies Website Development

Kingdom Academy

Kingdom Academy Private School Not-for-Profit Setup

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